Perfboard and Stripboard Layout Tool

As part of our Alarm2.0 project, I’ve been looking for a tool to design the stripboard layout as there are too many components to build the circuit in an ad-hoc manner. This search again highlighted one of the weaknesses of the Mac platform – it is difficult to find niche freeware. I had a similar problem with pdf tools for the KindleDX and eventually purchased PDFPen because I couldn’t find a decent alternative. Happily, this time I’ve found something which fulfills my simple stripboard layout requirements – DIY Layout Creator version 2.

DIY Layout Creator 2


Editing PDF Files For The Kindle DX

In my previous post on the Kindle DX I mentioned two small issues with PDF files: PDF files with large borders and PDF files with restrictions. The Kindle DX automatically removes large borders from PDF files which makes the size of the text larger and easier to read. When, however, the border has something in it like a page number, the kindle does not remove the border as it contains something. An example of this is shown in the following screenshot.

Example PDF With Large Borders

The solution to this problem is to trim the unwanted borders and to do this I use an application for the Mac called PDFPen, which you can get here, from Smile on my mac. Not only can this application trim the borders from single pages or entire documents, but it can also merge PDF files or set the metadata in a PDF file so that the correct author is displayed in the Kindle’s home screen.

PDFPen Trimming a PDF

The second slight annoyance are PDF files with restrictions such as the inability to print or save the document. The problem is not being unable to print or save but the fact that the Kindle has problems with the metadata contained within these files. This means that the author name in not displayed or, in some rare cases, a collection of random symbols is displayed in its place. Annoying but not a big deal.